What is osteo-eveil?

Osteo-eveil is an innovative and powerful body-mind method founded by Michèle Tarento- MD, osteopath and dancer.

This technique allows you discover your own physical body structure: your skeleton, organs, fascias, skin. It helps improve your health and your posture, increase thorough awareness of your self and develop movement creativity. It has a tremendous impact on your whole life!

Osteo-eveil also aims at developing awareness, stimulating healing within the body and revealing creativity.

Osteo-eveil practices are to be performed on yourself or to be performed on somebody else. There is a large range of practices and as such osteo-eveil constituent a comprehensive physical method.

Being respectful towards your own body and other’s bodies is a key value of Osteo-eveil


Bones awakening

The skeleton, as our structure, is a privileged gateway to the body. “Bones awakening”,  performed through knocking and pressing your bone ends, is a fundamental practice which strengthens the body structure.



Numerous practices are based on the concept of biotensegrity. They aim at increasing elasticity and comfort on all levels of the body.

Other practices may focus on organs, bones, fascias or on the posture…

Osteo-eveil is taught in France, Chili and the United States.




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