Let’s start with a short story. Two children fight for the same orange. Their mother comes and, to stop the fight, she cuts the orange in two equal parts and gives a half to each. Both children are unhappy and cry. Their aunt comes and asks both children why they are sad as they got equal portions. One said: but I wanted the orange pulp for a juice; the second said I wanted the orange peel to make an orange cake… Cutting the orange in two equal pieces without ask the children why they need this orange, was it the best approach?

Mediation is not about finding a solution to conflicts. It is about restoring dialogue between parties in conflict. Going deeper and empowering people to find their own way in the conflict.

Mediation philosophy and tools are useful in any working situation where several people, several teams, several companies, industries, countries… are involved.

Agnes is a certified mediator since December 2004. Since then, she works with a mediation mindset on a daily basis as a manager within Bank of the West. Moreover she volunteers from time to time to act as a mediator in various conflicts.




Coaching is about restoring and/or growing relationship with your inner-self. Both are tightly inter-related and aim at developing awareness.

Agnes is a certified coach using several methods and tools:

  • Voice Dialogue, which helps connecting with our various selves and could be instrumental in taking hard decisions

  • French “Mediation singuliere”, which is a powerful method to unlock unconscious fears and allow shift towards stronger self-confidence

  • Osteo-eveil for people who need to develop their body awareness

  • Coaching by Walking, which has been created by Agnes and allows to regain calm and focus.