Edith, (engineer, 50 years old)

It's a true pleasure to attend Agnes's osteo-eveil workshops: I always get out of them in a great mood, happier in my body. "Your bones look happy!", a friend told me one day, after a workshop!

It's been a real discovery for me, because no one ever talked to me about my bones before. We hardly even notice that they are alive and that they react to stimulus! We learn to discover our bodies!

Agnes has a huge capacity to transmit her knowledge and experience. She does it with a sense of humility and service. I highly recommend this experience to anyone. 


Marie-Daniele, (artist, 79 years old)

I loved participating in the workshops. Agnes's teachings are at once very structured and very fun. Through the workshops, I really learnt the importance of taking care of my bone structure proactively, while paying attention to all muscles, my skin and insides. I left the workshop with an ever-deepening joy. 


Anna, (student, 20 years old)

I have been taking osteo-eveil lessons with Agnes for a few years now. She is very professional and manages to both explain clearly things that I am not familiar with (about your skeleton, muscles,...) and make you feel them within your body. It has greatly helped me and enabled me to take conscience of my body in a stronger way. I've been using some techniques she provided, especially when I feel a headache is coming or when I have my periods and it eases the pain. I definitely recommend discovering osteo-eveil with Agnes as she is a great teacher and a sensitive person!!

Michelle (theater artist, educator)

What a pleasure to discover osteo-eveil with Agnès! I emerged from the session feeling so alive in my body - present, connected, more free and aware. I know the long-term benefits of this practice are many. However, even after my initial workshop with Agnes, I could appreciate the great interest of this practice for dancers, theater artists and anyone seeking more ease and freedom in their body. Agnes’ experience, knowledge and skill in this practice - as well as her sensitive, attentive approach - make her a powerful and attentive guide and unique resource for those interested in osteo-eveil in the Bay Area.