Voice Dialogue

Voice dialogue, Relationship & the Psychology of Selves, was founded in 1972 by Hal and Sidra Stone, PhD. www.delos-inc.com

This remarkable approach to consciousness has been used internationally since then by:

  • individuals for their own personal growth, to improve and develop relationship in their family, 
  • professionals in the field of psychotherapy, coaching, consulting,
  • artists for the enrichment of their body of work, the development of an authentic voice and improved creativity.


Voice dialogue is a specific method that explores the world of the Selves - also known as subpersonalities.

Each of us “contains multitude”. We are made up of many Selves: we identify with some of our Selves and reject our others Selves. This over-identification with some Selves and the loss of wholeness that comes from the rejection of the others, can create imbalances and blind spots. This work is about embracing the Selves. This dance of the Selves is an amazing process, that changes the world around us and within us.


This method requires two people: a facilitator and the subject being facilitated. The job of the facilitator is to help the subject become aware of, and to experience, the various Selves that run their lives and to learn how to use them in a conscious way through the development of an Aware Ego Process.

Agnes is a Voice Dialogue facilitator. Read some testimonials