About ME

I am an expert in Osteo-eveil, which I teach through workshops, and in Mediation and Coaching, which I practice as a free lancer as a side activity to my day job, a high level Management at Bank of the West in San Francisco, CA. 

I was introduced to the Osteo-eveil technique more than 16 years ago. Since meeting the founder of this technique Michele Tarento, she became my master and teacher and I have continuously studied, used and practiced it through numerous workshops in Paris.  

Balancing career and life has not always been easy, and dancing has always been my outlet. After 25 years in Paris as a Manager in a large French Bank, I made a transatlantic move to California with my family in 2016. I currently manage 40 people + at Bank of the West, in San Francisco CA.   Witnessing the need for more harmony and respect in human relations at the banks , I studied Mediation & Conflict management (2004), Voice dialog (2004), Coaching & supervision (2016).  

Since studying those topics and utilizing them successfully at the Bank, I have often acted as a free lance Mediator and a Coach

Osteo-eveil is a mind-body practice that involves movement and goes along with my lifelong passion for Dance and Visual Arts. Mediation and Coaching call upon my Intellectual and Negotiation skills learnt through my Management career. Both gel beautifully when I work with clients. Clients report feeling connected to their skeletons, their soul, their inner selves, while at the same time being understood as "people living in a busy world". 

In 2013 I created and performed my first dance solo in the wilderness: « Liamone », which inspired me to keep mixing dance and nature in my choreographies. On-going projects include choreographic a dance ensemble around trees in Tilden Park, Berkeley, CA. and an exploration of West Oakland through dance by its inhabitants. 

Along the years I have learned a large variety of body-mind and dance techniques including hatha-yoga, tai chi chuan, qi gong, bharata-natyam, contemporary dance, zen and mindfulness meditation, contact improvisation and aerials and I have participated in numerous dance performances in Paris from 2002 until 2015. 

I enjoy travelling, hiking and spending time with my 3 kids aged 13, 18 and 21.

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